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How to Sell More (Without Becoming Too Pushy)?

You’re into sales. You’ve a relevant educational background and you thoroughly enjoy your job. The problem is you want more out of your working hours. You want to do more sales so you can go a lot beyond your monthly targets. After all, you want a bigger than ever promotion this time.

Selling is an art. You know this very well, right? Some customers buy easily. While some needs a little prodding. And then there’re also those who don’t give in so easily – they need more efforts. How good it would have been if there were a secret that some could let you in on? Sadly, there’re no secrets. Selling more requires more work, and life-long learning. Sales training companies too can help a lot.

Master people skills

People like to buy from people they like. I have a shop in my locality where I always buy my groceries from. No, he doesn’t give me any discounts or freebies. But he knows me. When I enter his shop, no matter how busy he is, he never forgets to pass a smile to me.

Now you don’t go out and smile on every passerby. Just read some books on people skills. Invest in some courses that up skill your ability to communicate with your customers. This is all.

You might feel that you know it all when it comes to people skills or how to prod your customers to buy what you’ve to sell, but try a program from any of the leading sales training companies. You’ll be surprised with the results!

Don’t leave your customers, ever!

I recently met this business development guy who works in a leading digital media agency based out of New Delhi. He says that he never leaves his customers, even in his dreams. Whether this customer is on-board or not, he finds one way or other to stay in touch (he says this is something he learnt in a program conducted by one of the best sales training consultancies in India).

He doesn’t spend much – flowers on birthdays and anniversaries and calls every month or so. That’s all he does. And in his words, “I never have to run after clients. Instead, they come to me whenever I go.”

Remember your customer is not a disturbance in your work; he is the purpose of it. Please your customers and they’ll please you; more importantly, they’ll please the company you work with (and eventually you’ll be given the promotion, the hikes that you so much dream of).