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Upcoming Events

JAN 20     “7 Ways To Manifest More Money In Your Business” – 7 day free Facebook challenge.

FEB 20   “Your Money Or Your Life” – One day live event – how to make, keep and spend more money and build your net worth… all at the same time!   Who Else Wants To get Out Of Debt And Save Thousands?

APR 20     “Time For A Change” – 7 day free Facebook challenge.  Combining Time Management with Productivity secrets to get s**t done!

MAY 20  “Get Stuff Done!” – Online workshop teaching you how to manage your time, prioritise and get more done in a day than most people do in a week.

JULY 27th “Sell More Stuff In 7 Days” Challenge – FREE week of sales training to help you feel more confident selling your products and services, get more yes’s from customers and make more money.

TBA   “Inevitable Profits – 5 Business Coaching Secrets To Selling More Stuff Without Working Any Harder.”  Learn the small incremental changes that will yield big results!  Five attendees will get to sit in the hot-seat and benefit from a mastermind experience focused entirely on their business.  Investment is £97 per person.

TBA     “Attraction In Action” – The Truth About The Secret & All Of that Attraction Malarkey!

NOV 20 “The Phoenix Challenge” – get your offline brick & mortar business online in 5 days! Or set up a side hustle and make money online.

To express interest in any of these events…

Call 0141 639 7099

Email admin@instantedge.co.uk