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Excellent Advertising With Social Media – YouTube!

YouTube is one of the most under-utilized platforms by many digital marketers. Despite many statistics clearly showing the profitability of video marketing, even many of the web’s pre-eminent digital marketers are shy to get involved.

Why is this? Simple: many marketers who are working from home lack the resources, the know-how or the confidence to get involved with video marketing.

But you know what? That’s exactly why you need to get involved and why you need to learn to use this critical tool.

Leaving the statistics to one side for a moment, video marketing is incredibly valuable simply because it allows you to change the way that others perceive your business. When you create a great video with high production values, you make your organization appear far more professional, stable and resourceful. Instead of looking like you’re ‘some guy’ writing articles from his Mum’s basement, you’ll now look like a real business complete with high production values and a professional sheen that inspires trust and confidence in your brand.

At the same time, video marketing also has some other advantages. For example: it’s highly engaging beyond what you can achieve with a written advert or even a blog post. Think about how often you have sat up all night watching TV programs that you weren’t really interested in simply because it was too difficult to turn off and turn your attention away from them.

Videos combine sound, music, image and clever editing and they let us speak directly to the audience. If you’re a digital marketer with a personal brand and you’re trying to gain the trust and familiarity with your audience, then going on video and letting them ‘meet’ you that way is incredibly valuable. Likewise, though, if you’re a large a corporation and you want to show off your products, then being able to put them on the screen and show them being used will make it much easier for your audience to understand them and to see the appeal and the value proposition.

Think about what you’d be more likely to buy: something you heard described in a piece of text, or something you could see being held up to the camera, being used and shot in dynamic, flattering lighting. Add in some great music to underscore the value of the item and a great, persuasive sales script and you can make anything seem incredibly desirable.

YouTube Advertising

And one of the most effective forms of video marketing available to any internet marketer is YouTube advertising. YouTube is a massive platform and provides incredible reach to a vast range of different users across the world. The only downside is that it is also very difficult to get noticed through YouTube. As with running a blog, creating a YouTube channel means competing with millions of other content creators and saturation in almost every niche imaginable.

This is where YouTube advertising comes in. Using a YouTube advertising campaign, you can ensure that millions of people see your video instantly. This can then be used to directly sell a product, to drive traffic to your website, or even to drive traffic to a YouTube channel.

In other words, YouTube advertising allows you to quickly ‘skip’ the hard work normally associated with building your channel and instead get straight to the part where you begin getting huge exposure and building your brand.