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Best Practices for Video Marketing

It might be cliché, but the phrase “numbers don’t lie” still applies in every facet of modern life. If you are a marketer looking for an effective tool to promote your brand, the current video marketing stats will definitely excite you. According to Online Publishers Association, 64% of online shoppers say they purchase a product after watching a video advertisement on the internet.

Forrester Research on the other hand says 85% of business executives rate this marketing tool at over 90% in effectiveness. A study by Aberdeen on the other hand indicates that firms using video marketing enjoy 41% more traffic.

Create Your Production

Nevertheless, you have to appreciate the complexity of pulling off a successful campaign using this tool. Millions of videos are uploaded daily but a large percentage end up in obscurity. To get the most out of this innovative technique, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Create a Script

One of the major pitfalls business owners fall into is failure to plan before production. You must have a road map that includes the objectives you want to achieve, strategies you are going to use, problems to be solved, the crew to be involved in the production and the actual words to be used. If you can’t come up with a script, hire a professional to get it done.

  1. Define the Purpose

The beauty with video is the fact that it is versatile. You can entertain, educate, answer questions about your products and services, review a product or provide proof of your products through case studies and testimonials. Before the project starts, define the purpose or objective that will help you evaluate success of your campaign.

  1. Focus Your Production

There is so much that you can do with this tool but all of it can’t be done in one swoop. It is important to pick one purpose and build your advertising pitch around it. For instance, you can use a testimonial to hype your product and reach your target audience.

  1. Narrate a Story

Every viewer will tell you that they click on this type of content to watch and listen to a story. When you start giving figures and dull facts, you can bet the objective will not be met. You can use your sales team, customers or even other stakeholders to tell your story. Customers want to hear real success stories or how your brand has improved lives of people just themselves.

  1. Take Time to Learn

Video marketing is a broad spectrum and there are so many models you can use to increase visibility of your brand or improve lead conversion. You can choose from promos, teasers, explainer, product launch, tips and tricks, about videos among others. Before calling in the professionals, make sure you have done some research to guarantee your productions hit the mark. The main way to advise clients to think about every video they want to produce is the story, and moreover, thinking about the start of the story as identifying a problem that people have, the middle of the story is how your product or service resolves this problem and the end being the resolution and parity being restored.

There are many facets of video production that can be understandably too difficult to get your head around at first, but it pays to educate yourself. Video is the future of advertising, marketing and communication. Find out how it can help your business by speaking to your local video production company and plan accordingly for your futures endeavours.