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Advantages of Using a Green Screen in a Video Production

Even though lighting and camera equipment are a necessity in any video production, the use of green screen technology proves to be an inexpensive way of taking your videos a notch higher. Having been utilized since the 1970’s, it enables you to digitally incorporate any background you desire into the video. In the event of filming, all you need to do is just stand in front of the green background. A digital artist will then superimpose an image into the background. Provided that a high quality camera and proper lighting are used, the application of this technology (Chroma keying) offers cinematographers with the following benefits:

High flexibility

A green screen provides great flexibility in your video. The luxury of being able to select any background and incorporate it on your green screen is something that any cinematographer would desire. With this technique, you are offered the flexibility of dealing with multiple locations at once. It allows you to gather your shots just from a single spot. You don’t have to schedule trips to the various locations, some of which might not be practical due to distance or budget. The use of a green screen allows the videographer to effortlessly transport a character from one location to the other with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is key in preventing any uneven transition between various shots when looped together during the editing process. Additionally, in case the location doesn’t offer an ideal backdrop, you have the option to drop in any desired background during post-production.

Saves time and money

Another advantage of employing the use of a green screen is that it saves production companies a lot of money without compromising on the quality of the video. With it, you don’t need to shoot multiple videos in case you want different backgrounds. It is also an ultimate time saving device as it enables you to complete one video shoot yet still have multiple backgrounds. Access to a GS saves you from the delays resulting from unfavorable weather conditions or availability of a specific shooting location. Additionally, in case you rent it out, you don’t need to worry regarding any form of supports that will be required for your video production. This is due to the fact that you have the option of going back and adding it in the editing process. Therefore, it saves you the money associated with production cost as well as budget planning.

Great consistency

Using a green screen in video shooting saves you from having to deal with any form of continuity issues. This is particularly the case if you need to shoot multiple locations. Unlike regular film, it does not require you to go to a specific location. Also, it offers great control in terms of lighting and other features of the scene. This allows the scenes to match well during the editing process.

Extended usability

Shooting your video against a green screen allows you to reexamine past projects in the future. With it, you can update any changes or just use similar footage with diverse backgrounds. This will also allow you to easily integrate any new footage to the current video.

Highly portable

Portability in terms of equipment is an essential aspects desired in any video production. Most green screens are portable in nature. This proves beneficial in case you want to shoot a video in a particular setting but the background is not ideal for the video that you desire to have.

Easy to set up and dismantle

Green screens are easier to set up and also take down. The fact that it comprises only a piece of green screen cloth with some tent-pole style frames makes it easy for anyone to set up. Also, this simple design allows it to be dismantled in just a matter of seconds. However, this might take some few minutes depending on the stability and complexity of the materials used. This renders the green screen a simple and quick solution to any video production.

The green screen technology is an excellent choice for any filmmaker. It takes the production and quality of your video to the next level. This technique offers you with lots of options in video production. Therefore, it is all up to you to create that memorable and interesting video.