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4 Forms of Easy Video Marketing

Many people swear by Video Marketing, calling it the ultimate form of online marketing.

While being able to see and hear, via video, as well as read enables us to better grasp the message of the advertiser, why is it that network marketers hesitate to use it in their promotion?

You’ve heard that the greatest fear people have, next to death, is public speaking. So the idea of facing a camera becomes similar to approaching the hangman.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This article attempts to assuage that fear by proposing 4 easy forms of video marketing.

1. The Screen Capture Tutorial

2. The Camcorder Interview

3. The Google Hangout Come Along.

4. The Cell Phone Travelogue

None of these require you to be on camera, so right away, the hangman won’t find you, but others will hear your voice and get to know you a little better, to like you and, ultimately, to trust you.

Not only that, you will have fun doing it. So let’s get started.

1. The Screen Capture Tutorial.

As a marketer, you have knowledge you can share. You’ve learned something, a book you read or even a video you’ve seen.

Gather that knowledge together in a How-to-Tutorial. It may be a particular way that your company has of explaining how to set up their affiliate website. You can do a screen capture to show all the necessary steps.

My suggestion is that you write down what you want to say as you present each image. That way you can read it, recording your voice, while you show the steps.

How do you go about doing a screen capture?

Go to our trusty old Google. Search a term such as “screen capture software.” You’ll find software exist that allows you to capture photos or videos online. If you’re on a low-budget, you might opt for a free trial version and upgrade later. You can even find a website offering some software totally free.  Or just use Zoom like everyone else!

Usually, the companies include step-by-step tutorials

2. The Camcorder Interview.

Approach a successful person who has more knowledge than you. Use your camcorder focused on them, so you can read the questions and let them respond.

This is a good way to have your role model answer a series of frequently asked questions so that when a prospect asks you a question, you can refer them to your video and save your calls for questions not so frequently asked.

Again, with the camcorder interview, you don’t have to appear on camera. Hearing your questions, viewers will still see you as an intelligent, educated source.

3. The Google Hangout Come Along.

Learning how to do Google hangout will take a little tutorial watching yourself.

What you will soon see is that the Google hangout also has a screen capture element and it’s free. You could even do your tutorials this way instead of investing in some expensive software.

Learning how to do a Google hangout is well worth the effort. What’s more, you record it while you’re doing it.

So, what ‘s the Come Along? Using the screen capture, you can go to various different websites. You might want to share recipes, show video equipment or simply promote your company by showing your team at work and at play.

Lastly, it can be a team resource, where you can elevate team members with awards, announce future team events or archive past ones.

4. The Cell Phone Travelogue

This may sound like the Google Come Along, but it’s quite different — more of a fun thing. You use it when you are out and about.

You take your audience with you as you go shopping, enjoying a walk or even going to a networking meeting. It’s a good way to meet new people. Interview them, ask them to say a few words.

Put video marketing on your learning list. You’ll find yourself telling others it is the ultimate network marketing tool.

Hope this article has given you a new perspective on how video can be used. Why don’t you get started today?