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The Phoenix Challenge:

How To get Your Offline Business Online In Only 5 Days…

Boost your visibility, get seen by more people and attract more enquiries and leads

Need to get your product / service / treatment online – FAST?


If you rely on face to face, in person selling in your everyday business, then I’m willing to bet your cash flow has been hammered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe customers have been cancelling or postponing appointments.  Perhaps you had live events or seminars scheduled and now they’re banned because they involve more than 2 people.  And all the while the population is at home, on the tablet, on Facebook and you’re feeling like you’re missing a trick as you watch the effects on your bottom line.

“Stay safe and stay at home” I completely agree with.  As a 50 something male with a history of asthma, I’m “confined to quarters” like everyone else.  Normally I’d be out networking, having client meetings and running live seminars.  But as this Covid-19 pandemic rolls on I’m constantly getting asked by local business owners how to offer their services on the web.

EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A TECHIE GEEK, there are loads of FREE ways to get your in-person offers online.  But, a lot of the people I speak to are frightened they break the internet or are quite frankly techno-phobic.

So I’ve decided to put together “The Phoenix Challenge” – a FREE online programme that shows you exactly HOW – in baby steps with a Lanarkshire accent – to get your product/service/treatment online – and do it fast.

Over 5 evenings I’ll meet you in a Facebook Challenge and hand you all the steps you need to take – from creating promo videos, getting all over Facebook and social media, how to grab free Google services that are yours for the taking, even to creating information products like audios, e-books and Kindle books on Amazon.  Mostly at little or no cost to you.  But potentially revenue-generating forever more, even after this situation has passed.


  • How to claim 4 FREE Google resources so that you get more eyeballs the same week you switch them on

  • How to create your first promo video for YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook using just your smartphone.  Scripts included

  • How to automate your posts on social media so there’s a fresh post every day on your accounts, without you being glued to the keyboard.  Pre-written posts included

  • How to create your first information product – downloadable guide, DVD [people still buy them] or eBook – that you can sell online.  Templates included.

  • Get your own Podcast on iTunes and Spotify for free

  • The exact steps we use to create articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts like clockwork to get your expertise in front of people.  Realise this – the people that create content make money, the people that consume content spend money.

  • How to create and launch your online course

  • My Business Bailout Plan – how to create a fast cash injection in your business


We will meet ONCE a day over 5 days on a Facebook Live – between 8 and 9 pm in the evening for 5 evenings in a row.   You tune in at the required time on the web and we’ll meet in an interactive class.

Each class will run for about 60 minutes, and every one will be recorded and available to replay forever more.  No flannel, just meaty steps you can implement the same day

You’ll be sent an email with a cheat sheet that you can download so you have all the steps

Even if you’re not in the United Kingdom, you can take part and all of the methods work globally.

And it’s all ZERO COST.

EXTRA BONUSES [While I’m at it]

There will be a free Facebook group just for classmates only for ongoing support and encouragement for as long as it takes.   Here you’ll get advice, support and guidance from me and other gig economy/ freelancers/small business owners who are currently taking their services online.  This will be open to you immediately and until the Coronavirus pandemic is a distant memory.

I’ll also invite you to meet my online networking group so you can get your business in front of 20+ decision makers every week

A copy of my never released before “Top 10 Tip Tip” live recording which includes even more free ways to get your business out there.


Personally I think what’s happening right now will have the same seismic effect as Social Media has.  This is a culture change.  Maybe less commuting, less handshaking, but more cooperation .

I’m told that during the American Gold Rush, the people who made the most money were the guys selling the shovels.  This isn’t about opportunistic selling or profiteering.  This is about me offering what I do every day of the week to people who genuinely want to thrive in the months to come.  I’d be delighted to help you 🙂

Click the link HERE to register your interest

Jonathan Clark


Instant Edge Ltd