The Power of Chatbots

A chat bot is a computer program that communicates through text messages.

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In business it has always been the rule to be where your customers are.  It makes sense for a business to utilise chat BOTS that actually offer their users value.

One of the best chat bots that does it really well is the Burberry holiday chat bot – it’s good at handling one specific use cases and its users are aware of the scope of the chat bot.  It will ask all the questions YOU would ask a prospect, thus qualifying the lead for you.  Imagine that.

Just suppose it’s on an e-commerce store.  Buying gifts for the holidays? Maybe the user has a question that cannot be handled by the chat bot so it will be handed over to a customer support agent.

Reducing time spent answering repetitive questions is a great benefit for customer support. Also for the marketing department.

Chat bots can have great benefits when it comes to gathering a lot of data and you can use that data to make highly targeted personalised campaigns.

Even Human Resources can use chat bots because they reduce the effort of answering frequently asked questions and they allow the department to focus on employee satisfaction and engagement.

Chat bots have great potential for qualifying prospects, handling general enquiries and following up with customers on their phone.  Be where your customers are.  The fortune is in the follow up – especially when you automate it with no extra time or effort by you.   Id that sound suseful for your business well then why not capitalise on that?

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