The Instant Edge

My name is Jonathan Clark and I run a marketing consultancy called The Instant Edge

My clients are small local businesses who are great at what they do but crap at telling anyone, especially people who STILL advertise in that ancient book of fairy tales called The Yellow pages.

Instead, I love helping them get more customers, out market their competition, find new streams of income and take home more money.

I can do this because I grew my one man business into a six figure company.  Last year I taught at the Peter Jones Entrepreneur Academy. In Glasgow I was hired by Barclays to train their sales managers. In Stirling I also increased Morgan Stanley’s call centre sales by 40% within 90 days.

A great introduction for me would be a new start up business who doesn’t know where to start, or an existing business that wants to grow to the next level.

So that’s Jonathan Clark from The Instant Edge. Every smart business owner needs an edge.

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  • Hi Jonathan. Loved the 1 minute pitch at Club 55. Still puzzled at the card with no contact details but I’m sure you have your reasons! You did say there were 3 reasons why… I’m intrigued. I look after the FSB for the West of Scotland so we should chat if yiour looking to engage with more businesses. I would mail you, but that’s not currently an option. i would call, but…you get the picture. Lighthearted mail at 23.04 so I would guess I meet Jim’s definition of ‘Proactive’. Either that or mad!! Gerry. FSB. or 07852452135. Hope to hear from you. Regards. Gerry

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