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In the past 2 years, we’ve revealed the benefits of Social Media to over 50 businesses across Scotland, and people are loving it.  This is an interactive and practical workshop delivered in layman’s terms with a Lanarkshire accent…


Social media for business is conversations between companies and their target market via digital technology.  It’s no longer about YOU selling to THEM.  They want to talk back, and they want you to listen.  Businesses that learn to engage make more money, and have rabid fans.


Having a Facebook and Twitter account is just the start. Knowing what you want to do with them, and how to do it, will form part of your overall social media


This includes understanding where your clients will “be” on social media, “what” to actually say, plus ways of monitoring and evaluating your business results using the tools available, while learning from other business successes.


The average Facebook user spends 6 hours a week on the computer and has 130 friends.  But big numbers mean nothing unless you get the numbers working for you.


LinkedIn is the oldest and arguably the most important social business site – a network of professionals looking to build connections.  You’re only 6 people away from anyone apparently – but only if you’re on LinkedIn!


This isn’t a lecture – its hands on and bang up to date. It’s suitable for business owners, marketing managers, new-starts and established companies, if you already “dabble” with social media, but want to do it well, or maybe you don’t quite “get it” yet…


Many people will use Facebook and Twitter but will never visit your website – instead, there’s a party goin’ on at Facebook and Twitter, BUT maybe you’re the shy wallflower yearning to walk in… but terrified of saying the wrong thing and making an ass of yourself!


This workshop will help you get to grips with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn even if you’ve never touched a keyboard!  We’ll even discuss some practical examples demonstrating what they can do for your business.


A Social Media marketing strategy is a powerful and essentially FREE way of bringing in new business, but there are some do’s and don’ts as you’ve probably heard…


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