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How Facebook Messenger Can Become Your Virtual Assistant

I’m Jonathan Clark Director of The Instant Edge and we help businesses who don’t have time for marketing by setting up a complete publicity machine FOR THEM, to generate more eyeballs, get more leads and make more money… and its lifetime advertising.

This month we are encouraging businesses to use Facebook Messenger bots.  6 reasons why you should be using this BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY

  • More people use FB messenger to communicate with people they know than email. Look at how you talk to friends, family and colleagues.


  • We need to meet clients where they are. 1 billion monthly active users on messenger apps. That’s more than on social media sites.  We need to go where the prospect already is.


  • Bots can educate and sell to customers. They drip feed messages, videos and articles on things that the prospect wants to know.  And it’s fun and engaging


  • We can track and segment your customers – identify and chunk your customers into different groups so you can give them what they most want. Facebook already knows their age, sex, interests, favourite music, groups they are member of – You can’t get that kind of info by email that fast.


  • Facebook is aggressively pushing chatbots so why wouldn’t we team up with the biggest social media platform on the planet?


  • You can completely outsource your customer service and have the bot follow up customers automatically… on their phone


The chatbot engages 24/7 with real engaged, highly qualified leads by asking them the same questions that you would if you were face to face, but it does it for you.

This is the best time to get into the opportunity before the competition figure it out.  So that’s Jonathan Clark from The Instant Edge.  If you think new clients are hard to find, come talk to me and I’ll change your mind.

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