Difference Between Messenger Marketing vs Chatbots

I hear a lot of people talking about building chatbots – they think that messenger chat is about building BOTS.  Well not necessarily.  We’re not building BOTS like Tommy Hilfiger or Domino’s – they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and have huge development teams to build these BOTS which can basically function like a human and answer anything that someone might type in to messenger.

Our goal is to encourage business owners to start using messenger marketing and chat BOTS so we’re going to talk about specific strategies that you can implement to achieve whatever you need in your business right now.

We are leveraging messenger marketing and we’re building BOTS so that you can better communicate with your customers to provide better customer service to generate leads, to generate customers and to grow your business.

So the difference between messenger marketing and chat BOTS is that messenger marketing is simply the act of marketing to your customers using a messenger app and here we’re talking specifically about Facebook messenger so messenger marketing is about driving traffic into messenger –  it’s about using messenger to have these conversations so that you learn more about your your customers and your prospects.

Chat bots are simply the vehicle that is going to allow us to do this –  chat BOTS are the automation of messages and triggers and different actions that allow us to deploy the messenger marketing strategies that we need to deploy to grow our business and to better serve our customers.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of a Chat bot in your business, get in touch.

Let us build your chatbot for you -the Difference Between Messenger Marketing vs Chatbots

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