How to get Amazon to pay you DOUBLE!

Only 10 days till I launch my 4th book, called “Fill Your Books – The 5 Keys To Making More Money From Your Business”

I’m documenting the launch process for my own entertainment, to hold my feet to the fire, and to walk my talk.  And this is starting to get very real…

So today I achieved a number of things:

  1. I set up my Amazon Affiliate account so that I actually get paid TWICE for every book sale – once for the sale, and once for referring the sale via my affiliate link.  Yeah baby!

  2. Submitted my book and all of the relevant info to a book promotion service that came highly recommended by one of my mentors.  Intrigued to see if that works…

  3. Proof-read a third of the book and found LOADS of spelling errors and weird hiccups.

  4. Checked to see how my Facebook ad is doing – its getting responses.

  5. Did some studying of a marketing course I’m immersed in just to stoke the fire.

Tomorrow I will be mostly proof-reading the rest of the book, I’ll mention it at my BNI chapter in the morning, and I’ll be making sure my Amazon Author Page is good to go.  Clock’s ticking…

Glasgow business coach

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