12 Days Till Launch…

12 days till I release my new book, and I’m documenting the launch sequence to keep myself right, but also to demonstrate that I practice what I preach.  To be perfectly honest I didn’t have a lot of time available today, but you always find a way if you’re committed…

Installed a new book selling plugin into the website which features the book cover and a direct link through to the listing on Amazon.

I then created a nice banner image that shows a 3D rendering of the book cover and one of my publicity photos  – this will sit nicely at the top of the page.

And the big > gulp < came when I sent the actual finished book to 3 of my most respected and trustworthy business colleagues to get their honest feedback, and hopefully a review for Amazon.

The Facebook ad that I set up yesterday was approved today and is now driving traffic to the appropriate page.

Tomorrow I’m going to script and shoot a Trailer video that will get blasted all over the internet to explain who I am and what the benefits of reading this book are to business owners.

So I hope you’re enjoying the countdown, and are getting value from following along with the process.

See you tomorrow for T minus 11

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